There is a need for business data backup against disaster. The need for this service is more crucial where accurate information are needed for operational efficiency of the organisation e.g banks, insurance firms, and other data driven companies.


A remote, online, or managed backup service, sometimes marketed as cloud backup or backup-as-a-service, is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files

Online backup systems are typically built for a client software program that runs on a given schedule. Some systems run once a day, usually at night while computers aren't in use. Other newer cloud backup services run continuously to capture changes to user systems nearly in real-time


Remote backup has advantages over traditional backup methods:


Remote backup does not require user intervention. The user does not have to change tapes, label CDs or perform other manual steps.

Unlimited data retention (presuming the backup provider stays in business).

Some remote backup services will work continuously, backing up files as they are changed.

Most remote backup services will maintain a list of versions of your files.

Most remote backup services will use a 128 - 448 bit encryption to send data over unsecured links (e.g. internet).

A few remote backup services can reduce backup by only transmitting changed data.

Manage and secure digital data information.

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